Creating a SmartSite Course Site when you are not the Instructor of Record (IOR)
A Quick-Start Guide

Summary of Steps:

  1. Create the course site
  2. Add the instructor to the course site
  3. Have the instructor add the roster to the course site

Creating the Course Site

If you are a TA and would like to create a course site for an instructor:

  1. Log into SmartSite by clicking Login on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the (1) My Workspace tab from the site tab toolbar at the top of the screen.
  3. Click (2) Site Setup from the left-hand tools menu.
  4. Click (3) New at the top of the Site Setup frame.

    My Workspace Site Setup
  5. Select the desired academic term from the drop-down menu and click Continue.

    Note: For fall and spring quarters, do not select semester, unless you are creating a Law School course site.

    Site Setup academic term menu
  6. In the Course/Section Information frame:

    1. Select the course's subject from the corresponding drop-down menu.
    2. Select the course title from the corresponding drop-down menu.
    3. Select course's section(s) from the corresponding list. To select more than one section, hold down the CTRL key (PC) or the command key (Mac) while making your selections.
    4. Verify that the instructor's Kerberos ID is in the Authorizer's username box.
    5. In the box for Special Instructions, enter a note asking the IOR to add the roster to the site. Once the site is created, an email to the instructor is generated with this message. If the instructor does not add the roster, then the course will be active but will not have a class roster attached to it. For instructions on how to add a roster, see the SmartSite FAQ page.
    6. Click Continue.
    Course/Section Information
  7. If you wish to make any changes to the course site's description, URL, contact email, or language setting, you may do so here. This information can be also be modified later via Site Editor > Edit Site Information. Click Continue when you are done.

    Course Site Information
  8. Select the tools you want to add to your site by checking the boxes to the left of their names in the Course Site Tools page. The tools checked by default are the most commonly used course site tools. Click Continue when you are done with your selections.

    Course Site Tools

    • If you selected Email Archive as one of your site’s tools, enter an email address for your course site. Do not use spaces between characters. Click Continue.

      Note: Each SmartSite course email address may only be used once. If you plan to teach this course again, or if your colleagues also teach sections of this course, we recommend you append the term and year to your site’s email address (e.g., taxonomy-f13 or ams10-sp14).
  9. Select whether to publish your site or leave it as a draft, and click Continue.

    • Published sites are visible to all site participants.
    • If you select Leave as Draft, your students will NOT be able to see your course site until it is published. An Unpublished Site icon will appear in the upper left corner of your course site until the site is published. You can publish an unpublished site later by clicking Site Editor, then Manage Access.
    Course Site Access
  10. Confirm your site setup selections and click Request Site.

Adding the instructor(s) to the course site

Once the course site has been created, you must add the instructor(s) to the site so that the course roster may be added. To add an instructor to the site:

  1. Go to the course site you created.
  2. Select the Site Editor tool from the left-hand tools menu.
  3. Select the Add Participants option from the top of the Site Editor page.
  4. Enter the instructor's UCD email address or login ID in the UCDavis Participants box and click Continue.
  5. Select the appropriate role (e.g., Instructor) then click Continue at the bottom of the page (these roles can be edited later).
  6. Select the desired notification option and click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  7. Click Finish at the bottom of the confirmation page.

For more assistance with SmartSite, visit the Support and Training page.