Adding the Academic Calendar to your Schedule

The UC Davis Registrar maintains a calendar of official dates such as the beginning of the quarter, first day of instruction, holidays, finals week, etc. A special SmartSite titled "Academic Calendar" exists that can be easily joined. Once joined, all official dates will appear in your personal SmartSite schedule.

To add the academic calendar to your site:

  1. Log into SmartSite and select the Membership tool on the left hand tools menu.

    Membership option in tools menu

  2. Click on Joinable Sites at the top of the Membership frame.

    Membership Menu Bar

  3. In the search box at the upper-right corner of the window, type "Academic Calendar" and click Search. "Academic Calendar" will be one of the sites shown in the results.

    Academic calendar search results

  4. Click the blue Join button below the site title.

After clicking Join, you will be returned to the search results and "Academic Calendar" will not appear in the list of Joinable Sites. This indicates that you are now a member of "Academic Calendar." Any official dates from the Registrar's calendar will now appear in your Schedule tool.