Organize Sites: Visibility and Order

This document details the tools, options, and methods for controlling the visibility of a site as well as how to reorder the sites so that the most recent courses are easily viewable.

Preferences tool in My Workspace

The site organization options are available through the Preferences tool in My Workspace. If you do not see Preferences, make sure to click on the My Workspace tab first.

Customize Site Links

Once in the Preferences tool, click on Customize Tabs (you will likely already be in this option when you arrive at the tool).

Customize Tabs Option

The Customize Tabs option has two panes; the left pane has sites that are visible through the tabs, and on the right are sites that are not visible to you through the tabs (or the special More Sites tab).

Reordering (repositioning) Sites

Tabs displayed listing sites

Sites can be reordered by (1) selecting the title of a site so that it is highlighted, and (2) using the up and down buttons to promote or demote the site in the list. Sites that appear at the top of the list will appear closest to the left side of the browser window.

Hiding Sites

List of Active Sites and Hidden Sites

In some cases, you may want to hide sites so that they are no longer visible in the tabs area. One or more site titles can be selected from the Active Sites pane by holding down the Control key (in Windows) or the Command key (in Mac OS). These selected titles can then be moved to the Hidden Sites pane using the Picture of right arrow button right arrow button.

This process can easily be reversed to make sites visible once again by selecting the title and using the Picture of left arrow button left arrow button.

NOTE: Sites that are made Hidden Sites are still accessible through the Membership tool in My Workspace.

Numbers of Tabs Displayed

Number of tabs displayed shown

If you would like to have more or fewer tabs available at the top of your SmartSite window, you can increase or decrease the value in the Tabs displayed: field from the default of 5.

Note: The My Workspace and More Sites tabs are not included in the "tabs displayed" value.

Finishing Up

Update your Preferences

Once you have made all the desired changes to the site order and site visibility, you must click the Update Preferences button to save your changes.