SmartSite Issues/Solutions
December 2013

Issue Solution
Tool: Assignments

When associating an assignment in the Assignments tool with an item in Gradebook2 that has categories, if there is more than one item with the same name in two different categories it is not possible to determine which category contains the spcific item you want to associate the assignment with.
Yes Make certain there are no identically-named items in your Gradebook2's cateogories.
Tool(s): Assignments, Gradebook2, Tests & Quizzes

A participant with the TA role can create groups containing any participant in the site, including students not in the TA's section(s). This allows the TA to add or modify grades In Gradebook2 for students not in the sections assigned by the Instructor.
Yes Email and request to "remove the site.upd.grp.mbrshp from the !site.template.course realm" for your specific site.
Tool: Mailtool

Mailtool fails to send an email to all requested site participants if a Role selection and a Section/Group selection are concurrently made and only the Role-selected users received the email.
Yes This issue has been reported to our vendor for correction. In meantime, if you wish to send emails to both a particular role type and a specific section or group, be sure to expand the section or group to show the participants in that section. If they all have checked selection boxes, then the emails will send successfully.
Tool: Messages & Forums Notifications

The "Messages & Forums" widget does not appear in the "Home" page in My Workspace even though at least one of the sites you belong to has the Forums tool turned on.
Yes Email and request to "add the Messages and Forums synoptic tool to My Workspace/Course Site/Project Site" for your specific site or Workspace.
Tool: Modules

The navigation buttons (View, Author, Manage, Preferences) are difficult to read in a white font against a grey background.
Yes To select the desired button, hover over the top grey bar. Individual tool names will appear with a black font and are selectable. In the meantime, this issue has been reported to our vendor for correction.
Tool: Roster

When viewing official user pictures in the Roster tool, the icons display pictures from the user's profile.
No This issue has been reported to our vendor for correction.
Tool: Site Editor

Entering a valid URL in the "Icon URL" field in Site Editor > Edit Site Information fails to display an image in the left tool listing.
No This issue has been reported to our hosting vendor for correction.
Tool: Site Setup

The UCD Course template has been temporarily removed due to problems when creating course sites using "Create site from template" option in Site Setup (course site titles are incorrect, roster, and term information for the site is not listed in Site Editor).
Yes Create course sites using "Build your own site" option in Site Setup. The problems with "Create site from template" have been reported to our hosting vendor, and they have created a ticket regarding the issue.
Tool: Tests & Quizzes

Pre-existing assessments and pre-existing questions from the Question Pools may display odd formatting.
Yes Preview your assessment prior to publishing it. If you experience odd formatting and are familiar with HTML, use the instructions on our FAQ page to correct the issue. If you are unfamiliar with HTML and need assistantace, please contact IT Express for help at 530-754-4357 or .
Tool: Tests & Quizzes

If you use Chrome or Safari to export Tests & Quizzes QTI-formatted files, the downloaded files will be corrupt and you will not be able to import them in any browser.
Yes Use Firefox to export QTI files. Any browser can then import the file(s) successfully.
Tool: Text editor

There is no "Upload a new file in this folder/Choose File" option to upload images, so you cannot upload .jpgs from your computer.
Yes The image you wish to display must first be uploaded to your Resources tool. Then, you can select it via the Browse Server button.
Tool: Text editor

The "Insert/Edit Movie" button does lets you add .flv, .avi, or .mov file types but they do not display.
No Only .mp4 files work at the moment. The issue has been reported to our vendor for correction.
Tool: Web Content

If a web content tool is added with a url missing the http:// prefix, clicking on the site in the left-hand toolbar will display a blank screen.
Yes Modify the url to include "http://" or "https://" and the display will adjust properly.