Finding Student Major Codes and Class Level

It is possible to view complete roster information for the classes that are assigned to you. This document details the steps for viewing detailed rosters. On the detailed roster, you will find student ID numbers, names, emails, course code, major code, and class level for each student. Detailed roster information is also available at (My Classes -> Classes I'm Teaching).

By default, when first logged into SmartSite, you are in (1) My Workspace. Under the (2) My Campus Messages window, you will find a link titled (3) Classes I'm Teaching.

My campus messages

Clicking on Classes I'm Teaching will display the list of classes you are assigned for the present quarter (or semester). The term can be changed, if desired, by using the (1) pulldown menu and selecting a different term.

The list is scrollable, and (2) active links to the class rosters can be found on the right side of the list.

Classes I'm teaching

Clicking on View Roster will display in a new browser window or new browser tab the complete class roster for the course you selected. The information can then be viewed, downloaded as an Excel file, or printed. The major code and class level can be seen in the two right columns in this roster.

Class roster