Slides seminars and lectures

Inflation​, infinity, equilibrium and the observable Universe (UCD Colloquium Oct 2011) Slides in pptx, pdf

Infinity, Finiteness and Inflationary Cosmology (talk at Challenges for Early Universe Cosmology).  More background and critique of conceptual issues motivating me and others.

Inflation, infinity, equilibrium and the observable Universe (Perimeter Institute 2011) (similar to Oct 2011 UCD colloquium of same name but video is available),

The Clock Ambiguity and the Emergence of Physical Laws (Perimeter Institute 2008)

"Cosmic Inflation and the arrow of time" (Seminar at UCSC June 9, 2003)

"Cosmic Acceleration and Fundamental Physics" (Philadelphia APS Meeting, April 2003)

"Inflation at 22" (Plenary talk at The Davis Meeting on Cosmic Inflation, March 2003)

"Models of Cosmic Acceleration: Challenges and Exciting Directions" (Plenary Talk at Cosmo 02, October 2002)

"What do we know about the universe?" (Public lecture presented at the Davis Star Show, July 2002)